NovaLCT V5.4.8

What is Novastar's NovaLCT software? 

As a leading global provider of LED display solutions, Novastar designs and develops LED display control solutions for a variety of market applications including entertainment, digital signage and rentals. The company also provides the latest software and downloads to help you operate your LED display effectively.
NovaLCT is a LED display configuration tool provided by Novastar specifically for computers. Compatible with receiving cards, monitoring cards, and multi-function cards, it can realize functions such as brightness adjustment, power control, error detection, and intelligent settings.
All in all, it is a powerful software solution for configuring and managing LED screens to optimize the displayed image.
To use this software, certain prerequisites must be met:
(1) A PC with Windows operating system installed
(2) Obtain the installation package
(3) Disable anti-virus software
After you have a basic understanding of NovaLCT and the screen configuration steps, we can provide detailed instructions to help you understand quickly and comprehensively.
1.1 How to download NovaLCT software?
Wondering how to install NovaLCT on your computer? It's very simple:
(1) Visit the Novastar download page to get the latest version
(2) Complete the complete installation, including additional applications and drivers
(3) Allow access when Windows Firewall reminds you



The Huidu HDPlayer V7.9.78.0 is the LED display board software behind all Huidu’s full-color asynchronous controllers. It supports video playing, graphics display, and animation and controls and manages full-color LED board display. 



LEDSet is software that uses in setting up your LED display. It lets you load the RCG and CON files, adjust the screen brightness, and control the monitor display.



The Linsn Technology LED Studio software is a control system solution product developed by Linsn Technology. It is known as one of the most successful and widely used LED display control systems together with Novastar and ColorLight.
Linsn control system solutions are specially designed for full-color LED displays and color synchronization, and have been provided to various domestic LED lamps and display factories. These companies use Linsn control systems to efficiently operate their LED displays.  
Linsn LED Studio software is available for download and provides users with an operating system to control and manage LED video displays.
The control system transmits the content files of the video input source or computing device to the LED display through the receiving card, sending card or sending box.
With the help of Linsn control system, users can display advertising information, graphic displays and pre-made videos on digital LED screens for the audience to enjoy.
In addition, Linsn Technology also provides control system accessories and processors at competitive prices. The company is committed to providing high-quality products and LED technical support, making it a leading brand of LED controllers in China and meeting the needs of existing and new customers.