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LED Floor Display

Enhance your space with the innovative LED Floor Display, designed for impactful and engaging visual presentations. Perfect for retail environments, trade shows, events, and public spaces, this display offers unparalleled flexibility and stunning visuals. The LED Floor Display is an essential tool for any business or organization looking to captivate their audience with vivid and dynamic visual presentations. Its portability, durability, and ease of use make it a valuable addition to any space, ensuring your content stands out and makes a lasting impression.

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Rolling LED Floor Display

Key Features

  1. High-Resolution Display: Enjoy crisp, vibrant images and videos with high-resolution LED panels that ensure your content is always eye-catching and engaging.
  2. Durability: Built with robust materials, the Rolling LED Floor Display is designed to withstand frequent movement and high-traffic areas, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  3. Easy Setup: The user-friendly design allows for quick and hassle-free setup, so you can start showcasing your content in no time.
  4. Customizable Content: Effortlessly update and change your displayed content to keep your audience engaged and informed. Compatible with various media formats, including videos, images, and text.
  5. Interactive Capabilities: Optional touch-screen functionality transforms the display into an interactive platform, ideal for customer engagement and interactive presentations.
  6. Energy Efficiency: Low power consumption and eco-friendly design ensure that the display is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.
Oval LED Rolling Floor Screen 2
LED floor screen 1
LED floor screen 8
LED floor screen 9

Weight Capacity

These are designed for high traffic areas or events and can support up to 1500 kg per square meter or more.



R Series LED Rolling Screen Specification (DC 24V Module)
Model GOB-R1.25 GOB-R1.56 GOB-R1.953 GOB-R2.604 GOB-R3.91
Brief Parameter Configuration SMD1010 SMD1515 SMD2121
Pixel Pitch 1.25mm 1.5625mm 1.953mm 2.604mm 3.91mm
Module Size (mm) W500 x H62.5 x D14mm
Module Resolution (pixels) 200×50 320×40 256 x 32 192 x 24 128 x 16
Electronic Parameter Color Depth 12-16 bit
Colors 4096-65536
Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥3840 Hz
Scan Mode 1/50 1/40 1/32   1/24   1/16
Driver IC ICN2076 ICN1065S
Brightness(cd/m2) >600cd/m2 >800cd/m2
Received Card Novastar A5S Plus ( A8S Pro for 7,680Hz Refreshing rate)
Viewing Distance (meter) ≥ 1.2m ≥ 1.5m ≥ 1.9m ≥ 2.6m ≥ 3.9m
Screen Weight (kg/㎡) 16kg/㎡
Viewing Angle(°) 140°/140
Electrical Parameter Input Voltage(V) DC 24V~36V
Max Power Consumption 512w/sqm
Ave Power Consumption 170w/sqm
Ambient Environment Temperature -20 ℃/+50℃ (working)
-40 ℃/ +60℃ (storage)
IP Level IP 63 / IP 41
Humidity 10%~90% (working)
10%~90% (storage)
Lifespan(hours) 100000
Maintenance Maintenance Way Rear

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