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BS 90 Degree Curved LED Display

90 Degree Curved LED Display is an innovation of our company.  Most of them are used for stage rental, concerts, exhibitions, weddings, etc. With the great features of curved and fast lock design, the installation work becomes quick and easy. The screen has up to 24 bits grayscale and 3840Hz refresh rate, which make your stage more attractive.

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  • 90 degree curved cabinet
  • A lightweight and ultra slimline design
  • Fully front or rear maintenance
  • P2.6/P2.97/P3.91 Led Module & Panels & Screens available
90 Degree Curved LED Display03

1. Seamless 90° Splicing

2. Hanging Beam For Cube Design


3. Straight Design

4. New Generation Locks


5. Concave and Convex Curve


Items C-2.6 C-2.9 C-3.9
Pixel Pitch (mm) P2.6 P2.97 P3.91
LED SMD1515 SMD1515 SMD2020
Pixel Density (dot/㎡) 147456 112896 65536
Module size (mm) 250X250
Module Resolution 96X96 84X84 64X64
Cabinet size (mm) 500X500
Cabinet Materials Die casting Aluminum
Scanning 1/32S 1/28S 1/16S
Cabinet Flatness (mm) ≤0.1
Grey Rating 14 bits
Application environment Indoor
Protection Level IP45
Maintain Service Front & Rear
Brightness 800-1200 nits
Frame Frequency 50/60HZ
Refresh Rate 3840HZ
Power Consumption MAX: 200Watt/cabinet   Average: 60Watt/cabinet

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  • Introducing our latest innovation, the 90-degree curved LED display. Designed for stage rentals, concerts, exhibitions, weddings and other events, this LED display will revolutionize the way you present your content. With its unique curved design and quick locking system, installation has never been faster and easier.

    One of the outstanding features of the 90-degree curved LED display is its seamless 90° splicing. This provides a completely uninterrupted viewing experience, creating a visually stunning display. Additionally, the cube-designed suspension beams can be easily stacked and create a three-dimensional effect, making your content truly come to life. Whether you choose a straight design or concave and convex curves, this LED display is guaranteed to captivate your audience.

    Another advantage of our 90-degree curved LED display is its lightweight and ultra-thin design. This means you can easily transport and set up your monitor without compromising visual quality. In addition, comprehensive front-end or back-end maintenance capabilities ensure that any technical issues are resolved quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime during the event.

    In terms of technical specifications, our 90-degree curved LED display boasts 24-bit grayscale and a 3840Hz refresh rate. These advanced features ensure your stage is more attractive than ever, with stunning clarity and smooth transitions between visual effects. Whether you’re showing video, images or text, this LED display provides an eye-catching platform to engage your audience.

    In short, our 90-degree curved LED display provides a new era of visual display for stage rentals, concerts, exhibitions, weddings, etc.  With 90° seamless splicing, cubic suspension beam design, thin and light body, and high-quality technical specifications, this LED display is sure to leave a deep impression. Elevate your stage and captivate your audience with our company’s 90-degree curved LED displays.

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