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The DJ LED Display is a dynamic digital display used to enhance stage backdrops in various venues such as bars, discos and nightclubs. However, its popularity has extended beyond these spaces and is now popular at parties, trade shows and launches. The main purpose of installing a DJ LED wall is to provide a fully immersive experience to the audience by creating a visually captivating environment. LED walls create captivating visuals that engage and inspire everyone present. Additionally, you have the flexibility to synchronize your DJ LED wall with other light sources and music played by VJs and DJs. This opens up endless possibilities to light up the night and create unforgettable experiences for your guests. In addition, the LED video wall DJ booth is also an extraordinary focal point, adding a cool and stylish atmosphere to your venue.

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Seamless Splicing

Our DJ booth LED display uses a ladder circuit design to ensure perfect visual performance and seamless splicing when combined with the DJ booth LED video display. The perfect flatness of our LED video screens creates optimal results, providing a stunning viewing experience for everyone.


Creative Design & Custom Size

Bescan LED is the preferred solution for customizing DJ booth LED screens to suit unique shapes and sizes. We specialize in turning your ideas into reality with innovative DJ LED video walls. No matter the specification, we're committed to delivering a superior visual experience that exceeds your expectations. Believe that Bescan LED can turn your vision into reality!


Easy Control & User-friendly Software

Bescan LED Screen DJ booth can support both Synchronous and asynchronous controls, Synchronous control includes the live broadcasting and asynchronous control consists of autoplay without laptop nor pC. DJ booth led video wall can work at 24/7 hours.


Various Applications

DJ booth LED video display is perfect for enhancing the creativity and uniqueness of your DJ booth at various events and stages. It offers a variety of applications, including displaying company logos and generating captivating lighting effects for clubs and stages. With state-of-the-art technology, DJ booth LED video screens provide a stunning and customizable immersive visual experience. Take your DJ booth to new heights with the dynamic capabilities of our LED video displays.



Model P2 P2.5 P4
Pixel configuration SMD1515 SMD2121 SMD2121
Pixel pitch 2mm 2.5mm 4mm
Scan rate 1/40 scanning, constant current 1/32 scanning, constant current 1/16 scanning, constant current
Module size (W×H×D) custom size custom size custom size
Resolution per module custom custom custom
Resolution/sqm 250,000 dots/㎡ 160,000 dots/㎡ 62,500 dots/㎡
Minimum viewing distance Minimum 2 meters Minimum 2.5 meters Minimum 4 meters
Brightness 1000CD/M2(nits) 1000CD/M2(nits) 1000CD/M2(nits)
Gray scale 16 bit, 8192 steps 16 bit, 8192 steps 16 bit, 8192 steps
Color Number 281 trillion 281 trillion 281 trillion
Display Mode Synchronous with video source Synchronous with video source Synchronous with video source
Refresh rate ≥3840HZ ≥3840HZ ≥3840HZ
Viewing angle(degree) H/160,V/140 H/160,V/140 H/160,V/140
Temperature range -20℃ to +60℃ -20℃ to +60℃ -20℃ to +60℃
Ambient Humidity 10%-99% 10%-99% 10%-99%
Service access front front front
Standard cabinet weight 30kgs/sqm 30kgs/sqm 30kgs/sqm
Max.Power Consumption Max:900W/sqm Max:900W/sqm Max:900W/sqm
Protection Level Front: IP43 Rear: IP43 Front: IP43 Rear: IP43 Front: IP43 Rear: IP43
Lifetime to 50% brightness 100,000hr 100,000hr 100,000hr
LED Failure Rate <0,00001 <0,00001 <0,00001
MTBF > 10.000 hours > 10.000 hours > 10.000 hours
Input power cable AC110V /220V AC110V /220V AC110V /220V

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